Preventative Dentistry Pomona Dental Practice Dentist in Pomona, CAIt’s often said, in a range of different settings, that “prevention is better than cure”. When it comes to dentistry, this is undoubtedly the case. With the choice between taking action to prevent painful, complicated issues, and dealing with them when they arise, there’s really no contest. There are uncountable reasons why you would be better off with occasional preventative dentistry, and we’ll take a look at some of those reasons in just a moment.


What is Preventative Dentistry

First of all, a question: what is preventative dentistry? In truth, the term is quite a broad one and can include anything from occasional check-up visits to your dentist to having a routine cleaning; or even just acting on the advice your dentist gives you when it comes to brushing, flossing and so on. The overall meaning and purpose of preventative dentistry is in its ability to literally prevent problems developing.


By its nature, preventative treatment is not what you require when a significant problem has already developed, but it is something you might be prompted to try if you notice warning signs. If you occasionally notice blood when brushing your teeth, or have sensitive teeth, then changes in your dental hygiene routine can make a positive difference; an oral exam with a dentist can allow minor intervention that will prevent the need for major intervention later.


Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

As with any health issue, early detection can change the outlook for a problem. If you can take swift preventative action, then it may well mean you never get to the point where a problem gets so pervasive that it needs to be addressed with action such as extraction, root canal work or anything more extensive. That extensive action takes time, costs money and is likely to have other demonstrable impacts on your everyday quality of life. Preventative dentistry from a practitioner in Pomona, California, can ensure that you don’t have to suffer those impacts.


In addition to what you can do at home, regular oral exams at least twice a year are pivotal in delivering better long-term results for your dental health. Perhaps most importantly in this context, a regular check-up allows your dentist to offer advice that can help you target problems in their early days before they become serious. When you visit a dental practitioner in Pomona, California, make sure you ask questions about how you can make your own interventions more effective.


Additionally, your dentist can be the one to spot issues that will need more extensive treatment and refer you to someone who will make the necessary repairs. Again, this early detection is important – even if you do need an acute intervention, this treatment will mean that it is far less extreme action than if it were left to get worse.


All in all, preventative dentistry is something that you can participate in and which can make a major difference to your dental health. Your chosen dentist also plays a major part in this, and for that reason it is naturally vital that you have a dentist you can trust and who prioritizes the importance of preventative dentistry. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.