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What is Emergency Dental Care, What Is Considered An Emergency?

When dealing with any form of dental problem, your first point of call should be your dentist. For minor dental issues or periodic examinations, you can easily schedule an appointment with your dentist and have your problem fixed at your convenience. But what if you encounter dental problems at night, during a holiday, a weekend, or anytime outside your dentist’s regular working hours? 

If you encounter a severe dental issue outside regular working hours, you will most probably require emergency dental care. And at Pomona Dental Practice, we can assist you with all your emergency dental issues.


What Is Emergency Dental Care?

Just like the term suggests, emergency dental care covers any dental or oral issue that requires immediate professional attention. And although most people may consider different kinds of dental issues to be an emergency, not every dental situation is really an emergency. Most of the time, you may need to take that important trip to the dentist or emergency room to know if you have an emergency. However, any dental issue that comes with severe discomfort or pain requires immediate attention.

With dental emergencies, immediate action is always required to address severe discomfort, pain, or trauma to the mouth. An emergency dental situation may involve lacerations to the gum, bleeding, teeth loss from painful impact, or fractured teeth. 


What Is Considered An Emergency? 

As we have already mentioned, not every situation can be considered a dental emergency. So, what are the symptoms to look for before dashing off to the emergency room?

A Cracked Or Broken Tooth

Suppose your tooth is broken or cracked due to a painful impact or trauma. Before visiting your dentist, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress for swelling.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth is knocked out, make sure you do not touch the tooth root. Try using a cold compress for bleeding, and place the tooth between your gum and cheek if possible before visiting your dentist.

Tooth And Jaw Pain

If you’re experiencing tooth or jaw pain, the pain may come with some swelling, accompanied by a sour taste or even fever. Difficulty swallowing and fever symptoms could be signs of an infection, and therefore, require immediate attention. If you experience pain with an abscessed tooth from your tooth’s pulp canal, you may require drainage, root canal, or antibiotics.

An Aching Or Bleeding Gum

Frequent excessive bleeding accompanied by aching gums is always a severe emergency and can also be an indicator of periodontal disease. The proper treatment for these cases will depend on the severity.

Injury To The Soft Tissue

Such injuries include severe cuts or bites on the tongue or lips. Before you visit the hospital for stitches, you can try cleaning the area gently with water and applying a cold compress to reduce bleeding. 


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